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Thea Bombeek

Loyalities at work – how your family of origin influences your way of functioning at work

Theme: Practice
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Lecture

Session on Thursday, Apr 12, 16:45
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Your family of origin is your first context. This is where you get a blueprint of the important life themes. This is where you learn to deal with good and bad, recognition and punishment, self-validation and territory, power and hierarchy,… You get experiences in how to cope with tensions and conflicts, how to co-create things, and how loyalties and legacies work… This happens both consciously and unconsciously. With this blueprint, you enter your work context. It influences your way of functioning and your collaboration with colleagues in a surprising way.

Why do you always seem to be confronted with an authoritarian boss or colleague? How have your professional choices been influenced by your desire to respond to the expectations of your parents? Are you surprised that something always seems to prevent you from getting that long expected promotion or that the success you worked so hard for, fails to happen? Possibly (invisible) loyalties to your family of origin are playing tricks on you.

In this lecture you discover these underlying processes and patterns. I share the impact of several contextual themes: visible and invisible loyalties, legacies, self-validation, … and their impact on your communication and interaction at work. It helps you to make conscious choices when dealing with professional challenges in a more constructive way. It will increase your effectiveness. Living more in alignment with your essence and at the same time staying loyal to you family will create inner peace. It will give meaning to your life. Furthermore the insights you gain from this lecture will help you to address these themes with your clients.


Thea Bombeek developed a passion for everything related with potential development and interaction processes between people. She coaches people to become the best possible version of themselves. She considers herself as a compagnon de route, who asks focused questions and provides customised feedback in order to facilitate the client to take the next step. Thea has more than 20 years of experience in international companies (KBC and KPMG). There she got a balanced view on the many challenges leaders and organisations face on daily basis. Her strengths lie particularly in the area of authentic leadership development, communication, organisational culture and burn-out.

Thea holds a masters degree in History of Art (University of Ghent) and a Master after Master in Human Resources Management (Antwerp Management School). She is qualified in the use of the Myer Briggs Type Indicator and Management Drives. She is a systemic contextual coach (Leren over Leven) and a creative coach (Balans). Thea is the former chairman of the International Coach Federation Belgium. She is a visiting lecturer at the Sociale Hogeschool Ghent and at Leren over Leven. She facilitates supervision for coaches and HR managers who want to strengthen their coaching skills.
She is author of the book: ‘Hoe overleef ik mijn collega’s: tools voor zelfvertrouwen op het werk’. (How to survive destructive functioning colleagues: tools for self-confidence at work) (LannooCampus, Februari 2018)

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