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Janet Curran & Stephanie Sturges

Assessing organisational, coach and coachee readiness for coaching

Theme: Organisation
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Lecture

Session on Thursday, Apr 12, 10:55
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How often do organisations sign up for coaching, yet it never really seems to happen? Or managers and their teams pay lip service to coaching without really fully embracing it. In this session Dr Janet Curran presents her findings on what needs to be in place within an organisation for coaching to be embraced, and what mindsets do coaches and coachees need to bring to the coaching session in order for the coaching to generate changes in individual behaviour, attitude and/or process. Janet will present the diagnostic tool used to assess organisational, coach and coachee readiness and the results from using it within organisations. As participants you will have the opportunity to review the tool and consider how you could use it within your own organisation or practice.


Dr Janet Curran is an experienced sales coach with Huthwaite International, one of the leading providers of sales training worldwide. She has worked with a variety of sales teams in both small and large organisations, both coaching managers to coach and coaching sales people directly. She has also conducted research on what effective coaching behaviour actually looks like.

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