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Cinnie Noble

Building conflict competence – a leader’s ‘must have’

Theme: Your Practice
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Discussion

Session on Friday, Apr 13, 10:45
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The importance of leaders and organisations developing conflict competence cannot be overstated and conflict competent leaders help build an organizational ethos that helps make their organisations ‘a cut above the rest’. They do so in a number of ways, including by making conflict an opportunity to listen, improve and innovate. Conflict management coaching supports such efforts and is a specialised niche that focuses on developing and strengthening the ability to engage in and better manage interpersonal conflict. This interactive session by a pioneer of the coaching specialty – known as conflict management coaching – will provide a framework for coaches to utilise in their work with clients. The model to be described is based on coaching, conflict management and neuroscience principles and involved considerable research by the speaker. Participants will not only learn the seven stages of the model and their intentions. They will also learn about a unique conflict analysis tool that deconstructs clients’ disputes to be able to reconstruct the way forward.


Cinnie Noble is a certified coach and mediator and a former lawyer with a passion for coaching people to find their way through their interpersonal conflicts. In 1999 she developed, through extensive research, a specific conflict management coaching model which provides a unique framework for clients seeking to develop or strengthen their conflict competence. The model is based on coaching, conflict management and neuroscience principles and is wholly self-determinative. Cinnie and her associates coach and train coaches and others worldwide and consult to organisations with respect to building integrated conflict management systems. Cinnie has written six books, two of them specific to coaching – ‘Conflict Mastery: Questions to Guide You’ (2014) and ‘Conflict Management Coaching: The CINERGY Model’ (2011). She is an international speaker and thought leader who believes strongly in her company’s motto regarding conflict management coaching and its intent – peacebuilding, one person at a time.

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