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Anjariitta Savolainen & Päivi Äijälä

Co-creating high performing teams

Theme: Results (Organisation)
Area: Team Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Lecture

Session on Friday, Apr 13, 09:00
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Co-creating High Performing Teams is about how to build high trust teams by combining a globally unique neuroscience based measure with team coaching created by two professional coaches. An individual approach in leadership development is simply not enough in our hyper-connected and changing world with lots of pressures. There is urgent need in organisations for future leadership, high-trust teams, and focused collaboration paving the way for sustainable future. Change and chaos in minds can be very disruptive. Leadership is not about individuals, it is about teams.

With this team coaching approach the results will reach much wider than they ever would do if development activities were arranged individually. In this session you will learn from a business case study how to apply participatory and brain-friendly methods and what are the critical elements when running team coaching session with your fellow coach.

The session is highly interactive, delivered by two inspiring presenters, and we encourage you to take the next step to team coaching. The session will include:

• Why neuroscientific measure as a starting point? Why team approach? Why team coaching with two coaches?
• Business case study of a Management Group’s development curve From Firemen to Architects. Brain-friendly methods
• Takeaways

Dive into new Thinking – Being – and New Action.


Anjariitta Savolainen has worked in senior and executive positions with focus on leadership development in global and international companies since 1996. She has inspired both teams and individuals with her team coaching skills and expertise since 2006. As a professional coach Anjariitta concentrates on assisting people, teams and organisations in discovering, using and amplifying their strengths and genuinely influencing their peers and other stakeholders. Her strong professionalism is based on long career in various leadership development roles in international companies.

Päivi Äijälä supports teams to see their greatness and bring it all to life. With applied participatory methods and adult training, facilitated workshops in more than 10 countries since 1994, her professional career is all about people and organisation development. First as development aid consultant, then Human Resources Development positions in international and global companies. She has also contributed to increase the awareness of the professional coaching in Finland working with EMEA and Global work groups.

Anjariitta Savolainen and Päivi Äijälä are the Founding Partners of Caleidocons Ltd. Their passion is joy at work and future leadership. They have designed a globally unique, science based team coaching approach, and co-created high trust teams in private and governmental sectors. In September 2017 Caleidocons moved to the Chinese Business Incubator Techcode in Helsinki.

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