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Tim Bright

Coaching for the first 90 days – onboarding and integration

Theme: Your Practice
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Lecture

Session on Thursday, Apr 12, 10:55
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Starting a new role is one of the most stressful and important times in any executive’s career. As coaches, we can add great value to our clients as they plan and go through the transition. In this session, I will present and critique ideas and research from leading thinkers in the field of executive transitions such as Watkins, O’Keefe, Elsner and Farrands and consultancies including McKinsey and BCG. I’ll share my own experience of working with executives as they transition into new roles and suggest some simple models and tools that coaches can apply. I will offer a simple grid to help clients plan their first days and weeks in the new role, questions that they need to ask stakeholders and 5 conversations they should have with their boss. I will examine common myths about ‘the first 90 days’ and critical mistakes that people make. The aim will be to help coaches help their clients plan what they need to learn, do and communicate in their new roles, how they should build an authentic presence and start shaping their own team. There will be time for questions and discussion and for participants to share their own insights and recommendations.


Tim Bright is an experienced executive coach and HR consultant, and is a partner with OneWorld Consulting, based in Istanbul. Tim has been coaching since 1997 and has lived and worked in Asia, the US and Europe. He now mostly works in Turkey, the Middle East, Russia and Central Asia. Tim uses a diverse range of coaching methodologies and aims to create effective reflective time and space for his clients, and to balance a supportive and challenging approach. He aims to help clients raise their self-awareness and often uses strengths based and solutions focused methodologies. Tim also works as a leadership team consultant and facilitator, mentoring programme consultant and executive search consultant. Tim’s interests include onboarding coaching, the first 90 days, authentic leadership, leadership team effectiveness and high integrity corporate politics. Tim’s clients include Adidas, Anadolu Group, BASF, Bayer, Borusan, Bosch, Coca-Cola, Harvard Business School, Henkel, HSBC, Microsoft, Nestle, Pladis, Sabanci Group, Siemens and Vodafone. Tim also leads a team of five coaches working on client projects for OneWorld Consulting. Tim has completed the EQA accredited Master Coach programme with the Professional Development Foundation and a Masters Degree in Executive Coaching from Middlesex University in the UK. He is a co-founder of EMCC Turkey.

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