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Gillian McMichael

Corporate soul – finding your personal purpose and helping organisations reconnect with their purpose through the development of their people

Theme: Competence
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Experiential

Session on Friday, Apr 13, 10:45
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With so much change and complexity facing our workforce today, organisations and their people can easily loose their way. Productivity and performance can be affected which immediately has an impact on the bottom line. Thus leaving people feeling disconnected, disengaged and demotivated. But what happens when you reignite their passion for the work they do and reconnect them to their purpose?

Over recent years there has been an increasing interest in purpose driven leadership. Research shows that fewer than 20% of leaders and managers have a strong sense of their own individual purpose, with even fewer able to distil their purpose into a concrete statement. The same applies to the people they are leading or managing. Helping develop an organisation’s corporate soul is essential in today’s economic climate. Reconnecting its people to their personal purpose will have a ripple effect that will create long term sustained change and cultural transformation. Those attending will go away with a wide range of tools and techniques that can be used in helping others find their personal purpose.


Gillian McMichael is founder of Full Circle Development Consultancy Ltd. As the Coaching and Development Director she is champion of personal development, Gillian is a true entrepreneurial leader at the forefront of coaching and leadership growth in the UK. Gillian’s passion and drive towards excellence in developing others has seen her company rapidly become a UK market leader in bespoke design and development programmes ranging from coaching, & coach training to leadership & management development.

Gillian is an acclaimed transformational trainer and coach with a very broad client list of organisations. Her coaching and leadership development work is recognised as innovative and empowering, evoking awareness and actions that lead to success. She has supported the growth of international and UK based organisations, working in partnership to identify key areas of organisational development. Before setting up FCD Gillian worked within Human Resources & L&D for over 10 years, specialising in training, development and coaching. She’s assisted a number of organisations in defining their strategic vision, improving performance and developing the personal ability of their teams as a foundation to challenge, focus, engage and motivate.

Gillian has been instrumental in creating coaching cultures within a number of organisations from concept through to completion and sustainability. She has designed, led and implemented methods and development to evolve coaching as the natural and dominant management style, with a clear focus on increasing performance, contribution and motivation.

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