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Anita van Vlerken, Ana Oliveira Pinto & Nadine Hemmer

EMCC – using the EMCC Competency Framework to evaluate your own practice

Theme: Practice
Area: Coaching & Mentoring
Type: Workshop
Style: Mix of Lecture & Experiential

Session on Thursday, Apr 12, 10:55
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The facilitators will focus on three EMCC competencees that are particularly relevant when working with executives and leaders in organisations:

– Managing the contract (competence 3)
– Outcome and action orientation (competence 6)

Through their participation in this workshop, coaches and mentors will also experience and be guided in the use of Competency 2: commitment to self-development.

The Competence Framework provides a comprehensive list of mentor/coach competences as well as behaviuoral indicators related to each competence. This Framework is a reference for the mentor/coach who wishes to benchmark their practice, build a development plan, or apply for accreditation.

Using relevant business cases, the facilitators will help delegates understand how to use and demonstrate their competences in their coaching/mentoring practice.

Participants will be invited to reflect and share ideas on how to:

– Understand the competencies
– Use the Competency indicators
– Assess the gap between their practices and best practices (engaging in reflective practice using the competency framework)
– Identify ways to move forward in their coaching proficiency
– Build their development plan.

The facilitators will also engage the audience in reflecting on how coaches can effectively use these competences to enhance the development of leaders’competence (e.g. creating a vision, leading people, bringing agility to the organisation etc).


Dr Anita van Vlerken is an EMCC accredited coach at Master Practitioner level, an EMCC accredited Coaching Supervisor, and a Certified Professional Coach with ICF. Anita has been active in coaching since 1995. She previously worked as a teacher in secondary vocational education and as a student counsellor at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. She gained her management experience in the position of director at an organisation for Social Services in eight municipalities. In addition, she has been a member of the Supervisory Board of Rabobank in the Netherlands for another 12 years, of which six years as chairman. Anita is fascinated by the question of how people learn. She herself has experienced that theory alone is often dry material if there is no relation with practice. But also experience alone does not yield much. It is mainly about the possibility to connect between them. Translating the theory into practice and, above all, reflecting on your experiences make you able to learn something from it. On the basis of your reflection, you can adjust your behaviour, broaden your horizon and become better as a person and become better in your profession. That is what it is all about!

Ana Oliveira Pinto has almost 25 years’ experience of working with organisations on change and organisational & talent development projects. She is an EMCC accredited coach at Senior Practitioner level. The focus of Ana’s coaching has been on supporting senior executives to develop leadership capabilities, awareness, and confidence, especially in times of transition or within challenging assignments. The development of high potential women is also a preferred area of work for Ana and over the last five years she has developed a particular specialism in supporting women’s career advancement to top leadership roles. Ana is based in Portugal but works regularly in an international setting. For missions outside Portugal she works in association with international executive coaching and consultancy companies. This has enabled her to work with executives from Europe, South Asia, South and West Africa and South and North America, as well as across a wide range of sectors: IT, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Manufacturing, Consultancy, Telecommunications, Retail and Industry. This has given Ana the opportunity to develop a deeper sense of inter-cultural sensitivity and to work with a high variety of working and market environments. Since 2013 Ana has been an active volunteer with the EMCC International.

Nadine Hemmer is an EMCC accredited oach at Master Practitioner level. A psychologist by training, she holds a university degree in cognitive and behavioural therapy and has experience in both business and health settings. Since 1996, she has been working as coach and facilitator with major European organisations in the private and public sectors to build healthy and cooperative work environments. She uses Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) as a cornerstone of her evidence-based approach to support her executive clients in increasing their psychological flexibility to lead others with purpose and to enhance their emotional and relational capabilities. Nadine is also a member of the EMCC Board in Luxembourg.

Ana, Anita & Nadine are part of the EMCC International WorkGroup responsible for revising the EMCC competence framework. Along with Marialexia Margariti and Michel Moral, they co-authored the EMCC International Continuous Professional Development Guide for coaches, mentors and supervisors.

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