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Linbert Spencer OBE

How to develop your capacity as an inclusive coach or mentor

Theme: Competence
Area: Coaching & Mentoring
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Experiential

Session on Wednesday, Apr 11, 17:00
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Those without bias need not apply. How to Develop Your Capacity as an Inclusive Coach or Mentor will contribute to the 2018 theme by enabling you to recognise that when it comes to coaching and mentoring inclusion, to be a Cut Above the Rest and take organisations into the future, we are required to reflect on who we are being and how we do everything we do. During this workshop, we will:
• Reprise the Performance Formula
• Explore OCD – Organisation Cognitive Dissonance, and ask ourselves whether we collude or challenge
• Be challenged regarding our stereotypes and pre-judgements, be reminded of the impact they can have on our practice and learn how we can discover those stereotypes and pre-judgements we are not yet aware that we have
• Visit/revisit Herzberg and explore what his Hygiene and Motivation theory has to say to us regarding inclusion
• Unpack and consider the implications of the assertion; Inclusive Coaches and Mentors H.E.A.R.S. – Hears without pre-judgement or assumptions; Equality – understands that Equality means treating everyone equally well; is Authentic and fosters authenticity in others; Respects themselves and others for what they bring; Seeks value from diversity by managing inclusion.


Linbert Spencer OBE is one of the founder directors of The Centre for Inclusive Leadership and has over 40 years experience as a consultant and trainer specialising in inclusion, leadership, performance management, personal development and coaching. He’s worked as a consultant with/been advisor to the British Council, the National Audit Office, the Food Standard Agency, London First, London Docklands Development Corporation, FCO, Cabinet Office, the Security Services, the MOD and both Houses of Parliament on leadership and inclusion & diversity issues. He’s also worked as a diversity/inclusion coach to permanent secretaries of two major UK government departments and a senior executive of a global investment Bank.

Linbert is a former professional actor; international athlete – competed for Great Britain in the decathlon; television presenter – co-presented the first two series of the Open College’s one-hour live magazine programmes on network television. He’s appeared on many other television and radio programmes, including two appearances on BBC Television’s Question Time, has contributed to a number of publications, and is a prolific public speaker.

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