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Tatjana Dragosavac

How to get a creative solution for the same old problem?

Theme: Results (Practitioner)
Area: Coaching
Type: Demonstration
Style: Mainly Experiential

Session on Friday, Apr 13, 09:00
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Do you get tired of facing the same doubts and unanswered questions?Would you like to get a new solution for some of your biggest and more common problems at work? One of the first things you could do when you have a problem is to quiet your mind. But how to do that?

There are several good ideas on how to accomplish a good state of mind. One is to meditate. Another way, is to remind yourself how you have previously used your talents to solve some other problems. Both these principles can inspire great ideas. The coaching tehnnique called ISKRA (SPARK) combines these two principles. It helps client to avoid the trap of the well-known, to see the problem from another perspective, and to get useful insights on how to achieve their goal. This awakened potential allows for positive feeling, better concentration, memory, and a willingness to be focused on the desired solution and wanted impact.


Tatjana Dragosavac: It is a known fact that when we come to a certain age we adopt routines and habits from which we rarely stray. This is certainly not true for Tatjana Dragosavac, who quit her steady government job to seek new challenges as a life and business coach. After six years of experience in coaching she got a license as an advanced level coach, from the European Coaching Association. She is very inspired by coaching and she wants to support as many people as it is possible in finding their mission and personal prosperity. She will be presenting her own technique for doing just that. Her dedication to coaching makes her an excellent interlocutor on the subject.

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