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Diane Brennan

Ignite your confidence and strengthen your practice and approach as a mentor or coach

Theme: Your Practice
Area: Coaching & Mentoring
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Experiential

Session on Wednesday, Apr 11, 17:00
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Have you ever been in a coaching or mentoring conversation and experienced a state of total disempowerment? Your client makes a comment or asks a question and you don’t know how to respond, or if you should respond. You get through the session but question yourself. Your logical self knows it’s not necessary to travel along this disempowering path, but your brain just got emotionally hijacked and you lost perspective. This happens to all of us on our journey as coaches and mentors. Our ability to feel confident and rise to any challenge has a lot to do with our readiness. So, what is readiness? First, it’s recognizing our brain can be emotionally hijacked, even when we are purposeful in our quest to prevent this from occurring. Next, it’s having the ability to reclaim your perspective and manage your response. Finally, it’s having a response that ensures your ability to be clear, articulate, confident and present. This session allows participants to build or strengthen their foundation for reflective practice–a key to managing ourselves and growing emotional intelligence. Through interactive exercises, participants will actively experience strategies to support even more robust conversations and outcomes for oneself and with others.


Dr Diane Brennan is an executive coach, consultant and author. She is passionate about strengthening leadership in organisations and works with individuals and teams in healthcare, academics, aerospace, engineering, and technology. Diane holds a doctorate in behavioural health, a Master’s of Business Administration, and a Master Certified Coach Credential. She is co-editor of The Handbook of Knowledge-Based Coaching and The Philosophy and Practice of Coaching. She is co-author with Alexandra Ross of Back Pocket Coach: 33 Effective Communication Strategies for Work & Life.

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