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Paula King & Joyce Farrell

Keynote: Achieving high levels of performance, growth and engagement in the face of turbulence and unpredictability

Session on Thursday, Apr 12, 09:05
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The recognition that people are the main source of competitive advantage is not a new one and aligning the people in an organisation with the strategies and goals of the organisation is a key element to the success of that organisation. In this Keynote we will share with you a case study of an organisation who successfully harnessed the talent and engagement of employees through an extremely challenging project. This project involved moving over 500 people to a new location whilst not only fulfilling the demands of the ‘day job’ but also creating positivity and optimism for the future for every individual involved in the move.

ESB International is a leading global engineering consultancy specialising in the utility sector and working across 120 countries. They employ over 600 professional staff and have 36 nationalities working with them across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and their reputation on the international stage has been built on the skill and expertise of their people.

ESB International had its Head Office based in a prestigious central location in Dublin, Ireland since 1975. As their business grew and transformed, the office and working environment failed to change with them. With their lease due to expire in 2017, ESB international saw a great opportunity to engage staff and empower them to co-create their workplace of the future where they could flourish and feel proud to work in. This was going to be a very different workplace and they wanted the staff involved from the start which was an exciting prospect, it was going to take high levels of trust. It was a major change initiative and as with any major change, it had to be managed carefully to make sure it was seen as an opportunity rather than a threat. Coaching dialogue was utilised from the outset.

This talk will share with you the approach which was taken by the organisation and will mirror and match these actions to coaching strategies and techniques in order that participants will have gained an insight into:

(i) How to put connect staff with the organisations purpose, its vision for the future and harness the collective talent, skills and expertise to gain the best outcomes for everyone
(ii) The importance of training for management and leaders in mastering effective communication in order to engage more effectively and really observe and understand not only the spoken word but body language, tone and audience being communicated with
(iii) How to work with the psychological impact that change has on individuals and have a framework to support people to deal with the impact they are experiencing
(iv) How the Coaching Tool the ROSE Model can be utilised in both coaching dialogue and also in an organisational context to assist leaders to empower individual to cope with change

Joyce will share with you the experience of HR and Paula will share with you the experience of an external executive coach working with individuals in the organisation


‘I deeply believe that coaching and mentoring are the key ingredient in achieving sustainable and measurable change and development for the individual, group and organisation.’

Paula King is Director of Kingstown College, a psychologist, and leadership coach. She is registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) on the Register of Competence in Psychological Testing. She is a member of the Society for Coaching Psychology. Paula holds an MSc in Coaching and Organisational Development from Portsmouth University (UK) and is Past President of EMCC Ireland. She holds accreditation from the David L Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry and embraces absolutely the approach to strengths-inspired instead of problematising change.

Paula has received the prestigious ‘Best Global Coaching Leaders’ Award which was presented to her in Mumbai in February 2017 and is the first Executive Coach in Ireland to have received this international recognition. She has won the EMCC Coaching Award 2017.

Paula has over fifteen years’ experience in executive coaching, mentoring and training and has worked with many of the leading companies internationally in this respect. She has experience, with a broad range of clients from Big 4 Accountancy to SMEs to multi-national organisations. Paula’s current clientele consists of leaders with influence, CEOs, politicians and members of the media. She brings genuine warmth to her coaching interventions whilst consistently assisting her clients to achieve goals which may have seemed unachievable through an empathic and challenging approach.

Joyce Farrell is a Senior HR Manager, with a track record of achievement and innovation that spans over three decades in the Utility industry. Joyce has held a wide variety of roles and has a particular passion and expertise in the areas of Strategy Development, Talent Management and Leading and delivering Transformational Change. She has been a primary mover in strategic HR thinking and is a key figure in leading the HR design and implementation of major restructuring with her current employer ESB. Joyce is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Developments, holds a Masters in Leadership & Management Practice, Degree in Human Resource Management and sits as chair on a number of boards and committee’s

Joyce is a champion for the development of female talent and among her most noteworthy achievements is the design, development and delivery of the ESB female development programme – ‘Inspiring & Empowering Female Talent’ – winner of CIPD Diversity & Inclusion Award 2017, Joyce herself was short-listed for Women Mean Business Awards in 2015. She also led the design, development and implementation of ESB International’s Employee Engagement Strategy which supports the embedding of a high-performance culture and drives organisational effectiveness – her work in this area was recently recognised by CIPD and awarded winner of CIPD Employee Empowerment & Trust 2018.

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