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Richard D Lewis


Session on Friday, Apr 13, 12:10
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Richard D Lewis will delivery a key-note based on his best-selling book ‘When Cultures Collide’. He will discuss differing values and communication patterns in various cultures and how to work more effectively across cultures, as well as how to successfully manage an international team.


Richard D Lewis is one of Britain’s foremost linguists and cross-cultural experts. He founded Berlitz in East Asia, Portugal, Norway and Finland and spent several years in Japan, where he personally tutored Empress Michiko and five other Japanese Imperial Family members.

‘When Cultures Colllide’, his guide to world business cultures, has sold over 1 million copies in 15 languages, and won the prestigious US Executive Book Club award. He currently lectures throughout the world on cross-cultural issues and writes prolifically on cross-cultural subjects. His latest book, with Kai Hammerich, is ‘Fish Can’t See Water’. His clients include Nokia, Mercedes, Unilever, Rolls Royce, Allianz and the World Bank.

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