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Ruud Rikhof

Keynote: The future of work

Session on Thursday, Apr 12, 15:10
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For over 70 years we have developed the concept of Human Resources against the background of an economic reality in which organisations are the dominant form for how we think about work. Almost all of our mental models and approaches in HR have been designed and developed with the idea that human beings in organisations are an asset that needs to be managed and over the years we have fine-tuned and further developed these models; in essence, we are extrapolating the past into the present with a view that further improvement will make them resilient for the future. Yet, as a result of disruptive changes in technology, we are on the brink of a new era where we will need to think differently about work, organisations and about Human Resources. The HR function will need some kind of ‘creative destruction’ in order to stay relevant. Ruud Rikhof will address these developments and provides insights in futureproof models of HR


Ruud Rikhof has 30+ years of experience with companies like IBM, Novartis, Bristol-Myers Squibb. He was the CHRO of the Nuance Group and Managing Director HR at UBS, where he led HR for 20,000 employees with a team of 50+ HR Business Partners. He has been based in The Netherlands, Austria, the UK and Switzerland. He is now Managing Partner at KennedyFitch where he focuses on executive search for the Human Resources function in addition to research, publications and speaking engagements on the Future of HR, the Future of Work and Employee Experience. He is the co-founder of the BeyondHRForum, an Advisory Board Member of the Executive Masters of Strategic Human Resources Management (a joint program of Bocconi and Cornell) and co-founder of the CHRO-circle in Switzerland. He also he sponsored an award winning study on Human Capital investments in the Private Equity industry and co-authored research on learning agility.

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