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Aylin Bozkurt Tüzmen

New leadership in the new era of industry 4.0

Theme: Organisation
Area: Coaching & Mentoring
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Lecture

Session on Wednesday, Apr 11, 17:00
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Industry 4.0 have significant impacts on organizational and leadership context. Those impacts surely impose new challenges to the leaders. The IBM Global CEO study results are not a surprise. Over 1,500 CEOs put the pace of the change and the complexity of the challenges faced to the top of the future leadership challenges. In addition to this complexity, challenges for future leaders are: information overload that ‘Big data’ brings, the interconnectedness of systems and business communities, the dissolving of traditional organisational boundaries, new technologies that disrupt old work practices, increased globalisation leading to the need to lead across cultures than ever before plus new generations entering the work place with very different values and expectations. The impact and challenges prove that Industry 4.0 is really challenging current notions of hierarchy and leadership. To overcome these challenges, we need a new definition of leadership. So how will leadership transform? What leadership skills/qualities emerge in the new era of Industry 4.0, and how can coaching and mentoring support leaders to create these ‘complex’ capacities of thinking and more importantly ‘being’ that Industry 4.0 requires? Join me to find out, explore, and inspire fresh perspectives on coaching and mentoring in the new era.


Aylin Bozkurt Tüzmen is a a founder of High Dreams Coaching and Mentoring Services in Turkey. She has integrated innovative and dynamic perspectives into her professional coaching practice since 2012. She was awarded as one of the ‘100 Best Global Coaching Leaders’ in 2017 at the 5th World Coaching Congress organised by the 25th World HRD Congress, held in Mumbai. Executives took part as a jury and determined the selection criteria as strategic perspective, track record, future orientation, integrity and ethics, opinion leadership, visionary approach, orientation and creativity. Aylin points out the need for a new definition of leadership. She believes that it is impossible for a leader to cope with the challenges of digital transformation individually. Thus she emphasises switching to collective leadership. She has developed a leadership model to support leaders transform themselves in a rapidly changing and increasingly more complicated world. Her article on Transforming Leadership in the New Era of Industry 4.0 has been published by Harvard Business Review Turkey in April 2017.

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