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Louie Gardiner, Karen Beveridge, Ro Lavender & Sam Pringle

Portals to the collective mind – an experiential, experimental exploration

Theme: Your Practice
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Experiential

Session on Thursday, Apr 12, 12:30
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The P6 Constellation is a truly systemic framework that simultaneously illuminates and transforms the intrapersonal patterns playing out within and between individuals. Its transformative power works through revelation – helping us to see what is present but out of view. In this experiential session we will tread new ground by exploring the conference theme in real-time with those participating. Using the P6 Constellation in the collective space will help us discover hidden dynamics and patterns that may be helping/inhibiting our potential to do ‘good’ as a professional community of practice. We will play collectively and emergently using our visual, kinaesthetic, spatial and auditory faculties; seeking to work with the complexity in our midst. We will discover what is present among us; and will lay down our path as we literally walk across, around and through the portals of the P6 Constellation. This is an invitation for the bold and the passionate – those committed to enter the unknown in service to the furtherance of our profession. Are you ready to come and play?


Louie Gardiner is a passionate pioneer generating new ways to unleash learning and catalyse systemic shifts with individuals, groups, organisations and self-organising networks. Her work is her playground – a sacred space in which to help people access and realise joyful flow. Her immersive, reflexive approach with herelf, people (human systems) and life underpins her doctoral inquiry. More conventional labels she might use for what she does: systemic OD consultant/practitioner, Executive Coach-confidante, Supervisor, facilitator and learning partner.

Karen Beveridge is committed to lifelong learning, with a passionate interest in how the mind develops. She is fascinated by improvements achieved in human behaviour and performance by a greater understanding of how the mind works. Having a unique skill set and a creative approach, her work with children and young people enables them to move forward learning to develop greater self-awareness and self-management.

Ro Lavender is an explorer of new ideas, countries and sculptural art forms. She is inspired by nature and people, and continues to be delighted by the power of the coaching process as individuals find their flow and experience transformation.

Sam Pringle enjoys working on the edge, taking a new perspective to new places. As a pioneer in maternity coaching in Scotland she leads research and campaigns to create a more father friendly Scotland. She works with parents and policy makers to build personal & community capacity for families.

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