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Adélka Vendl

Provocative coaching: making things better by making them worse

Theme: Practice
Area: Coaching & mentoring
Type: Demonstration
Style: Mainly experiential

Session on Wednesday, Apr 11, 15:25
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Do you ever consider playing ‘devil’s advocate’ during coaching sessions or do you hold your tongue because you might offend the client? Dare to challenge what you learned in coaching school and experience the effects of provocative coaching. This demonstration is about challenging people, in order to help them. We can even start by exaggerating or denying their problem. It might seem like quite an unusual way of behaving as a coach however good contact and wholehearted humour are important aspects of provocative coaching.

Provocative psychology grab’s the unconscious brain and shake’s it up so it can start to change patterns. Surprisingly, the skills of challenging and “teasing” can take you several steps up as a coach. It will help you to master coachingskills. The purpose of this method is to provoke and then counteract, guiding behaviour in the right direction, so that clients use their own power to deal with their problem. Adélka will demonstrate the method and share conducted research on the topic. She has 16 years of practical experience in provocative coaching. In addition, you will practice one tool, that you can apply immediately.


Dr Adélka Vendl is an organisational psychologist helping companies to implement behaviour change. She is an expert on provocative psychology, offers training to professionals, conducts research at the University of Amsterdam on coaching psychology. Adélka works internationally with young female leaders who have the potential to change the world. Her credo is: good for the business, good for the world and transforming for you.

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