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Diane Wilkinson

What choices do we and clients have regarding our impact on others?

Theme: Practice
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Experiential

Session on Friday, Apr 13, 10:45
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At times we can be puzzled by how or why we can be misunderstood. We may have an intention of something and yet it does not ‘land’ or is not ‘perceived’ in the way in which we intend. This Choice/Impact model looks at the choices we have when working out what impact we want to have. We could ‘stay in our comfort zone’ and keep doing something like we always have or we could consider other options that may be out of our comfort zone which may then get the impact on others that we are wanting.

This is not an equal equation and we still have no choice how others are going to perceive our behaviour, what we do have a choice about is how we can choose to change our behaviour or not and this in turn can then be perceived differently by others. At times, choosing a different behaviour may be out of our comfort zone and may use more energy, however the choice is, ‘do we want to get the impact we desire’ or ‘do we want to stay in our comfort zone?’ The Choice/Impact model enables us to work out what choices we have to get the impact we want in life.


Diane Wilkinson is the founder of Connecting to Excellence and works with cross-sector clients in Europe, Asia, Australasia, Middle East and America. She provides supportive challenge in coaching senior leaders in the private, public and voluntary sectors, including automotive, pharmaceutical, software, business schools, finance, retail, construction and health. Her pragmatism and energy engage people to take responsibility for active self development. Through informal methodologies and formal psychometrics, Diane enables her clients to be more than they ever thought possible.

Diane is known for taking calculated risks to enable client development and growth. She says, ‘I grew up surfing the waves around the coast in South Africa. I had to learn which waves would dump and drown me and which I could surf safely. Maybe a wave curled in a way that I could surf it. I learned which waves I must dive deep to stay safe. I learned about life there.’ She enables coaching clients to be the best they can be and team development that is both fun and improves bottom-line results. Diane inspires clients to live the change they want to see while keeping an eye on the end result.

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